e-Learning at IOW NHS
There are currently two e-Learning systems here at the IOW NHS Trust. One of these systems is called Training Tracker and the other is called ESR (Electronic Staff Record).

Both systems offer a wide choice of training modules, including the mandatory training modules that you are obligated to undertake as part of your role when you join the Organisation. The mandatory modules may have to be taken again at 12/24/36 monthly intervals, depending on the subject.


ESR Homepage


This system is the Department of Health’s e-Learning platform and is used nationally across the U.K. in many NHS Trusts. It has the greater catalogue of e-Learning opportunities and the list of courses grows month by month. Here you will find the majority of the mandatory modules that apply to your role.

A username and password is required for access to ESR and details of how these log-in credentials can be obtained please see the details below.

Accessing ESR

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ESR Support

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Self help guides

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Training Tracker

ESR Homepage


This system is our local e-Learning platform, where modules have been created and published locally and the content is geared towards the IOW NHS Trust specifically. Again, there are modules within the Training Tracker catalogue that are mandatory and have to be completed as part of your role.

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Usernames & Passwords

Your ESR username and password can be obtained by sending an email to iownt.esrtraining@nhs.net

The username for ESR will be in the format of this following example: 470FBLOGGS

The ESR password we generically provide to you will be, for example Smarter15

When entering these details for the first time, you will be asked to change the password we have provided to one of your own choosing. Please see here for guidance regarding the ESR password protocol.

Usernames and passwords for Training Tracker can also be obtained by emailing the same address as with the ESR system (iownt.esrtraining@nhs.net).

Training Tracker Usernames usually consist of your last name and your first initial. For example: bloggs_f

The generic password we provide is 1234qwer, but we do ask you to change this to one of your own choosing once you have gained access initially.

Where can I find the e-Learning?

Please click here to see a useful guide that explains which of the two systems the e-Learning you have to complete and the full titles of the modules that have to be searched for.

Mandatory Training Requirements

Please click on this link to view the mandatory training requirements for generic Bank Staff roles when you are first joining the Organisation. This information does not necessarily apply to staff outside of the Bank, but this can be used as guidance in other roles. Your training record that is maintained within the Learning Management System, known as the Pro4 system, will have the correct and up-to-date mandatory training competency profile assigned to you.